Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quads are the answer for the hand in the cookie jar

I'm blogging live while playing in a cheap online rebuy tournament. Basically, I'm just killing time until I head to a live tournament at 6 p.m. at The Goldstrike Casino in Tunica.

Just a minute ago, I was on the button and picked up J 9. The blinds were T400/800/100a. 122 donkeys players entered. We were down to around 40 and I was in 12th place, if I am remembering correctly, but it might have been a little worse than that.

One player limped in. I called from the button with J 9. When I have position, I might call or raise with anything -- on a wide range of hands, as they say. The small blind completed and the big blind checked. Four of us saw a flop.

The flop was amazing for me: J J J.

What happened next was even more amazing. It went check, check and the limper moved all in for T19,815. Um, well, okay, I called. He turned over: K Q. Nice try, buddy, but you got caught.

Right now, I'm in fifth place. If I win, I'll edit the post. Hey I can't miss a chance to brag, right?

EDIT: Out in 11th place. I'll spare you any bad beat stories if you'll promise to do the same.

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  1. ROR @ shoving 5x pot with K-high. And at limping KQo UTG for that matter. Maybe he thought his big bet would convince you he had a better kicker on his quads.