Thursday, October 30, 2008

How do bots play?

Poker bloggers are always talking about bots in the cash games. I just play tournaments, so don't really know what they are talking about. Last night, I was waiting for a tournament to start, so jumped in the penny NL hold 'em game while I was waiting. I bought in for $10 and had worked it up to ~$15 when this hand played out.

I was in middle position and was dealt K K. After three folds, I bet $1 and it folded around to the BB who called. The flop was Q 10 9. The villain checked and I bet $1 into about a $2 pot. The villain called.

The turn was the 4. The villain checked and I did too. While there are no overcards, the Q-10-9 is highly coordinated and I had no clue what he had -- let's keep the pot small. The river was the J giving me a king-high straight. The villain checked again and I fired a $2 bet -- I have a winner unless he has big slick, certainly a possible hand for how he bet. The villain called. In the showdown, my hand won, and he mucked.

I couldn't resist. I clicked on the hand history button and was totally surprised to see that he had A A. What a strange line of play.

Do bots play like this? Are they passive, or was this some kid out in Nebraska sitting in his dorm room, surfing for porn and waiting to check-raise me on the turn?

No wonder I don't play cash games very often (at least not online). I have no clue what is going on.

Hand #57640129-17498 at Providence (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 29/Oct/08 02:45:08
Memphis-Mojo is at seat 0 with $15.49.
BetEggRoll is at seat 1 with $9.94.
MeltWater is at seat 2 with $4.90.
USCHOPA is at seat 3 with $1.96.
papparon3 is at seat 4 with $4.52.
prixlegacy1 is at seat 5 with $15.76.
dryice8o8 is at seat 6 with $14.50.
excline_here is at seat 7 with $7.03.
rayerdodd is at seat 8 with $12.
just3fold is at seat 9 with $1.08.
The button is at seat 4.

prixlegacy1 posts the small blind of $.10.
dryice8o8 posts the big blind of $.25.

Memphis-Mojo: Kh Kc
BetEggRoll: -- --
MeltWater: -- --
USCHOPA: -- --
papparon3: -- --
prixlegacy1: -- --
dryice8o8: -- --
excline_here: -- --
rayerdodd: -- --
just3fold: -- --

excline_here folds. rayerdodd folds. just3fold
folds. Memphis-Mojo raises to $1. BetEggRoll folds.
MeltWater folds. USCHOPA folds. papparon3 folds.
prixlegacy1 folds. dryice8o8 calls.

Flop (board: Qc Ts 9d):

dryice8o8 checks. Memphis-Mojo bets $1. dryice8o8 calls.

Turn (board: Qc Ts 9d 4h):

dryice8o8 checks. Memphis-Mojo checks.

River (board: Qc Ts 9d 4h Js):

dryice8o8 checks. Memphis-Mojo bets $2. dryice8o8 calls.


Memphis-Mojo shows Kh Kc.
Memphis-Mojo has Kh Qc Ts 9d Js: straight, king high.
dryice8o8 mucks cards. (dryice8o8 has Ah Ad.)

Hand #57640129-17498 Summary:

$.32 is raked from a pot of $8.10.
Memphis-Mojo wins $7.78 with straight, king high.

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  1. I can't imagine someone wasting there bot time playing $10NL.

    BTW - You copyright a photo by saying you copyright a photo. This gives you limited protection under the law. If you want real teeth, you need to register it with the copyright office of the federal gov.