Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's hard to lay down a good hand

Above is the Bodog tournament series for bloggers that I posted about Thursday here. It's the one organized by Smokkee.

My big hand was when a guy made a big raise with K-Q. I had position, and called, as did the big blind. The flop was Q-x-x rainbow and the KQ made another big bet. I moved all in behind him. Surely, he should give up the hand with top pair, second kicker. This isn't a hand to go bust on, but he called. My hand: K K.

My bust out hand was me being as dumb thoughtless as this guy. There were six of us left, two big stacks and four about-the-same-size stacks. I had A Q and made a standard raise. The guy behind me, Riggstad (stack like mine) moved all in. I called and he had big slick. The flop came with two clubs, so I had hope. In the end, I got what I deserved when no more clubs came.

Both these hands have the same theme: It's hard to lay down a good hand, but sometimes you just have to.

Won some points for the TOC qualification, w00t.

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