Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have camera, will travel

I went to Florida last weekend for four days. Guess what? I took my camera.

On Sunday, I took a trip to Highlands Hammock State Park with my Mom and my sister. Most of these photos were taken there. They are all high resolution, so you can click on the photo to see a better image.

"What, me worry?" When threatened, an armadillo curls up in a ball and his plates act as armor.

Turtles are reptiles and thus cold-blooded. The day was sunny and this guy came out and was warming himself.

This alligator was warming himself, too. He appears to be looking right at me, saying, "Hey, fellow, get that camera out of here, okay?"

This egret looks so regal, and his reflection shows in the water. You can also see the reflection of the cypress trees, if you click on the image.

Florida is rich with plant life. Here are some berries that I shot at the park:

These palm trees were also in the park. I like the sky in the background.

The rest of the photos were away from the park. There are 10 billion lakes in Florida. Okay, I'm exaggerating, maybe only four billion. Here is a picture I took for bastin.

I especially like this photo because I was able to blur the background to make the flower jump out. Go ahead and click on it -- You won't be disappointed.

More flowers:

This at the Orlando airport:

I wanted give a nod to OhCaptain again for his advice in helping me pick out my new camera that I used to take these photos.

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