Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to handle a bully

Playing in the Full Tilt Record Breaker Sunday, the blinds were 100/200, and I had K-Q in the big blind. One player limped to me and I raised to 700. I hadn't been at the table long, but he had a big stack. When players have a big stack, it usually means they have been aggressive (and probably lucky). He called.

I made a CB on the flop and he called again. I checked the turn and he checked behind. Finally, I hit my card on the river. What would you do? I checked again. If I had him beat, he will likely fire at the pot because I've checked twice indicating I've given up on the hand. If I really am behind, I save money. Remember: The villain is a player whom I've pegged as aggressive.

Sure enough, he bet out for 2000. I called (no need to raise as I'm either way ahead or way behind).

Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold'em Tournament, 100/200 Blinds, 9 Players

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BTN: 1,770
SB: 2,680
Hero (BB): 8,497
UTG: 3,420
UTG+1: 2,945
UTG+2: 1,513
MP1: 25,993
MP2: 9,722
CO: 3,285

Pre-Flop: (300) K Q dealt to Hero (BB)

3 folds, MP1 calls 200, 4 folds, Hero raises to 700, MP1 calls 500

Flop: (1,500) 6 8 7 (2 Players)

Hero bets 1,500, MP1 calls 1,500

Turn: (4,500) 8 (2 Players)

Hero checks, MP1 checks

River: (4,500) Q (2 Players)

Hero checks, MP1 bets 2,000, Hero calls 2,000

Results: 8,500 Pot

Hero showed K Q (two pair, Queens and Eights) and WON 8,500 (+4,300 NET)

MP1 showed 9 A (a pair of Eights) and LOST (-4,200 NET)


  1. I love the "check to induce a bluff" play on the river. Well done.

    I might make the c-bet a little smaller than a pot bet, though - you get the same result for 800-1000 than you do for 1500, and you save chips if you miss or are wrong on the end (and he has 9T)

  2. Very nice play, as matt said.

    PS~ I have a question for you on my blog! :)

  3. agree with everyone. CB could be a little smaller (I like 1/2 pot) and the check on the end.

    What do you do if he fires a turn bet of half pot or larger? Do you go for a bluff or give up on the hand?

  4. Ditto. If he checkraises you all-in you on the Flop, you're gonna feel mighty sheepish as you fold...

    Apart from that, good pot control on later streets!