Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poker tournament begins later this week

The Gold Strike Casino in Tunica is holding a two-week tournament beginning Thursday called The 2009 World Poker Open. To see the schedule of events, click here.

There is a different event each day, and some days have two events. The tournament ends with a $5150 Championship Event.

I'm planning to take off from work Thursday afternoon, and go play in what they call Event 1 that starts at 2 p.m.


  1. Good luck Memphis. What's the structure like?? 200 bucks is a reasonable buy in.

  2. Good Luck. I wish I could either come play or come rail you. But alas I cannot. Give 'em heck.

  3. Bring your red flannel mojo bag, cast spells.

  4. GL, mojo! I'm playing that one, too! :)

  5. Thx to all who commented.

    @dbcooper: not sure of the structure, probably reasonable.

    @Crash: might have to settle for a MOJO tee shirt instead of MOJO bag.

    @jusdealem: Very cool, see you at the final table. Let's chop!

  6. It's not a great structure. Start with 4k, blinds 25/50, levels 30 mins..blinds double..not great. The $340's start with 5k and have 40 min levels..same blinds. Break every hour, I like that part.

    I will def chop with ya, mojo!