Monday, July 20, 2009

Slow rolled during the betting

I played in the tournament at the Goldstrike Saturday night with diverjoules. During the third level, the blinds were 100/200 and the guy on my right limped for 200. I checked my hole cards to see: K K.

I raised to 700 and it folded to a guy in late position who raised to 2100. Everyone folded back to me. Against a competent player, this screams A-A or K-K (kings unlikely because I also have them), but I've seen how these guys play. I finally decided to move all-in.

Now the other guy starts to think. Then he asks the dealer how much more (around 6500). I'm guessing now he has Q-Q or A-K. That would be sweet.

After the dealer counts it, he says "Okay, I call," and turns over A A!

Everybody just looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Come on, dude. You are never folding, so why the Hollywood?

My guess is that's he's watched too much poker on TV or else he has recently had a lobotomy. I'm going with the lobotomy theory -- it probably increased his IQ.


  1. Getting slow rolled sucks.
    Of course, running one's pocket Kings into someone's pocket Aces all in preflop sucks, too.
    Just insta-call when you have Aces preflop people - it's the right thing to do.

  2. This would be when I lose it and start deconstructing his character.

  3. When I was out in Vegas last month, one of the dealers, who plays poker on the side with a pretty big bankroll, told me a story about calling aces.

    In a cash game, he raised preflop, another guy reraised, he three-bet, and the other guy went all in. He showed his aces and the other guy started berating him! The other guy yelled, "How dare you call my all-in when all you have are two aces?"

  4. That happened to me once too. This lady seriously went into the tank for minutes and came out to call with AA. It's usually more gratifying when you actually hit the lightning in the bottle and get your set but it seems like the karma doesn't work that way.

  5. Not much to think about to call with Aces. If you can't call with Aces you should be playing another game like maybe Go fish or something.

  6. I have not played much live poker, but when I did, there was at least one jerk at every table. Just like when people talk to you looking for tells, just stay relaxed and stare down. You can't let it affect your play. They want you to get upset and make mistakes.

  7. One comes across a bunch of a-holes in live poker, doesn't one?

    I've never played tournaments, just Sit'n'Go's on Party Poker back in the good old days. Don't have the patience to sit there for hours.

    I like cash games - sometimes I'm there for hours, sometimes 1/2 an hour if I book a big win, but don't like the table.

    Maybe I should try a live tournament one time...

  8. @bastinptc: yeah, but anything you say sounds like sour grapes and makes you a bad loser.

    @pretender: cute story

    @dbcooper: I guess tiddlywinks would be a good game for some of these dopes.

    @crash and @woblynski: I think the poker table mirrors society -- there are all kinds.

  9. Sorry you had to run into Aces there, mojo, esp by that doofus. :/