Sunday, July 19, 2009

More world records

Full Tilt is celebrating their fifth anniversary, and part of that is an attempt to break the record for the biggest online tournament in history. You may recall that on Dec. 28, 2008, Poker Stars set the record at 35,000 runners.

The Full Tilt donkament (My spell-checker doesn't like the word donkament! I need to get a better one.) is today and 50,000 players have plunked down $5 each to play. That's $250,000, but FT has added another $250,000 to make the prize pool $500,000.

It's almost impossible to climb over 50,000 donkeys -- the number is just too high, and donkey blood will be everywhere. But I'm entering anyway. Heck, it's Sunday afternoon, so I might as well play online while I do laundry and other chores.

I believe when Poker Stars heard about this, they started their own tournament that they hope will out-draw FT, and their entry fee is only $1.

Full Tilt: "My penis is bigger than yours."
Poker Stars: "Not so fast! I believe mine is bigger."

You can read what Poker Works says here. You can read what Full Tilt says, if you click here.

We'll see how this plays out. If you played in either, leave a comment.

UPDATE: I outlasted 47,610 donkeys, but eventually was shortstacked and moved in with A-Q suited. Two players called me. One also had A-Q and the other A-K, oops.

This one (earlier) was painful. All-in before the flop.


  1. I decided to skip this one. Good luck!

  2. Pokerstars capped it at 65.000 entrants


  3. Imagine if Party Poker never shut down and tried to do something like this? I wonder how many people they'd get?

    Was the structure very fast? Outlasting that many people is still quite a feat!

  4. WOW... That is amazing really. Good showing. And some Dinner money!! LOL.

  5. @juxum: Yeah, Poker Stars rained on FT's parage, but I guess all is fair in war and poker sites.

    @Pretender: The structure wasn't outrageously fast. I started off good (had AK suited and snapped off KK when I flopped four to a flush and rivered the nut flush). Then just chipped up when I could.

    @Diverjoules: The real money started around 90th place (about $600) and zoomed up from there.

  6. @diverjoules: Meant to say that it was extremely nice meeting you this weekend!!