Monday, May 17, 2010

Short stacks makes for bad ending.

Played for 5 1/2 hours, then as shortstack ran K-Q into K-K.


  1. Wow -- great run! You seem to do well at UB.

  2. As long as he is forced to drag along a friend. (Remember the golf joke?)

    Don't know what you made but I'm sure it wasn't anywhere close to any of the 3 top payouts.

    PokerRoom used to have a $3000 freeroll every day. First in that one was $150. There idea being to distribute cash to the donks playing. I'm not saying that is what should happen here but 22% for first does weight the thing so that even final tabling as you did can be disappointing.

    The payouts for 1-3 run roughly 22%, 15%, 8%. By the time it gets down to a very nice 9th place, it getting close to chump change. 5.5 hours of play is barely rewarded in most schemes.

    If there had been a chop, it is likely your short stack would have gotten more. Skill levels are close and everyone's seen comebacks. So the big stacks are more generous for a reason.

    It would be nice if the sites offered a variety of payout structures including a flatter one and let the users choose.

    Just an opinion.

  3. I thought you were talking about I-Hop what with that "short stacks" stuff! ;-)

    Re: your comment about Jacob - I always thought it was a good name ... it's my pen name.

    Jacob, in the Bible, though, was a not so good rascal!

    Hey, that probably fits me, too! :-)

  4. Life sucks and poker is worse.

    Good game

  5. Looks like you had a good run and hopefully a decent cash. Congrats

  6. Man, these payouts are bad. Sorry, I don't understand tournaments or people who play them. It's one thing if you're as talented as Kathy Liebert or the guys on TV - they play for life changing money. But to spend 5 1/2 hours on this? Even first place is not exciting money. Who has the time?

  7. Heck with the time, unless you make your living at poker. If it is fun, do it. Look at all the time spent when people go fishing. They do it for fun. Thousands of dollars for boats, equipment, truck to pull the boat, etc. All to catch $10 worth of fish now and then.

    I don't play tournaments, either, but I can see the fun: Finishing that high amongst so many makes one feel good. And pursuit of the holy grail, 1st place, is another factor.

    MOJO does money now and then, and probably more than breaks even, so he is getting many hours of enjoyment at least for free and probably some profit.