Friday, May 14, 2010

Position + aggression = money

Even if you only read one poker blog, the Poker Grump's is a must-read. I like the fact that he covers a wide array of topics, but mostly I appreciate the fact that he writes well. Recently, he had a blog piece about whether to show or not after the deal was decided (see here), and that reminded me of one I played in a ca$h game in New Orleans last Sunday.

The game was your normal $1/2 NL hold 'em with your usual mix of tourists, young guys, old guys, etc. Somebody raised to $12 and four of us called. The flop was 4 4 6.

The big blind led out for $40, and I called as the others folded. The turn was the 10 and the big blind checked. I had $120 left and moved all in. The BB thought for a while and finally folded face up: 8 8.

I normally don't show in a cash game, but I couldn't resist: 8 8.

Of course, if he had a black 4 and was getting cute with his check, I wouldn't have such a good story. I was guessing, obviously, that he was the type who would check (slowplay) the rainbow flop if he had trips.

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. Great story. I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple months back. A guy got me to fold AQ after the turn in a live game (can't remember the board) then showed his AQ. Hard to forget that one

  2. Mojo -- I was looking at the early breakfast time on June 20 since you have a flight to catch. How late could we make it and still give you time for your flight?

  3. Hey, I read your blog, and often don't understand any of it. I couldn't take another poker blog! ;-)

    Had you worried there, didn't I, with that particular photo?

  4. @lightning: Around 10:00 am works for me. I'd prob leave around 11:15 or so for the airport.

    @Jacob: Yes, that photo was, um, well, different!

  5. If you really want that gator to sic on your poker "fiends," er, I mean "friends," come to Ocala and I'll distract the help whilst you whisk the creature out the door into your picky-up truck. OK?