Monday, September 20, 2010

In person is better than on TV, or is it?

I traveled to Nashville TN this weekend to see the Tennessee Titans take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sportng events are so much more exciting in person that I like to go to one or two NFL games each year.

In person wasn't so hot this time. The Titans had seven turnovers -- seven! which makes for a lousy game. Vince Young had two interceptions where he threw the ball directly to the Pittsburgh player. The defender didn't even have to move. The Steeler QB wasn't much better.

Here are some shots from the game. I'll post a few more tomorrow.

Above: Best friends . . . until the game starts!

Above: Justin Gage hauls in a pass and runs for a first down. One of the few bright spots for the Titans.

Above: Pittsburgh fans will travel to see their beloved Steelers. Wherever they go, they have the "terrible towels" and aren't afraid to wave them.

I went to Nashville one day early (on Saturday) to take some photos of something else. I'll tell you later this week what the mystery is.

Images by MOJO and taken with my Canon.


  1. That one towel looked like a Sham-Wow.

  2. Wow -- looked like great weather for a game. Go Oilers!

  3. I went to the U.S. Open to see some tennis. Nobody was there for the tennis, but to be seen and socialize.
    Way better on TV.