Sunday, July 31, 2011

Toronto NABC in last day

Cindy (Bernstein) and I bid slam on this (low cards approximate) in the second match of the first qualifying session (Saturday) of the Roth Open Swiss Teams:

9 5 3 2
A K J 10 2
A 8 7 6
J 4 3
A K Q 10 8 7 4
K 2

West North East South
Dbl 2NT Pass 4
Pass 5 Pass 6
All Pass

The 2NT bid by Cindy was a limit raise or better. When I showed more than a minimum (4), she raised to five, asking about trumps. I was happy to bid slam.

Notice that we could make it even if I had two low clubs instead of K-2. Cindy told me later that she reasoned it might be (at worst) on a diamond finesse which rated to be on.

This was an 11 IMP pickup as the players at the other table didn't bid slam.

Daily Bulletin for Sunday will be available here.


  1. Couldn't your parter have garnered the same information with RKC of some variety? I would think that she would want to be in 6 on any hand where you have 3 key cards or any 2 and the Queen of trump.

  2. @Anon: I suppose I could have A Q x x x and ace of spades and a club lead could give me a problem.

  3. You should have stayed up north longer. Just looked at Memphis weather. Brutal.

    If someone said, "Go to Hell.", you might appreciate the break.

  4. Thanks for your nice comment on Ocala, MOJO!

    Keep on trucking!