Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Timing is everything

Kate and I bid to 5 doubled on the auction shown above (hands rotated). (If you don't see the auction, click 'next' and it will appear.)

West led a low spade, won in dummy. What now?

I played a high club and a high heart, then led a second club, taken with my king. Next I advanced the 8 and West was stuck. If he ruffs, he's ruffing a loser with his master trump, so he discarded.

I was able to ruff a heart and had the entries to ruff a second heart before returning to dummy for a diamond discard on the good hearts (a spade ruff and the K).

After the game, I put this in Deep Finesse and was pleased to see that I had to play a high heart at trick two or trick three to make the contract. Do you see why the timing needs to be this way?

We won 12.85 IMPs for plus 750. You can see all the results on OKbridge, if you click here.


  1. ... and you stupidly lost it all when you didn't declare "uno" on your last card.


  2. "I was able to ruff a heart and had the entries to ruff a second heart before returning to dummy ..."

    I chuckled when I read this. wtf does it mean?

  3. @Blaargh: my fault, sorry.

    @lightning: Each game has its own jargon.

    Image two poker players -- one says "I three bet him in position and later floated him." A non-poker player is going "HUH??"

  4. lol - we know mojo... but it's so much fun to razz you.

    Now there's an evil game... razz.

  5. @Lightning -- Pop Quiz

    1. Part of Kate's outfit
    2. Playing unsuited card because out of ones led.
    3. What we'll tell you after a runner-runner
    4. Doggie Talk

    (Illini lead a sheltered life.)

  6. Great to meet you in Toronto. Nice finish in the mixed. Enjoyed your Toronto pics. I'll send you my Losing Trick Count booklet when I get it revised and reprinted this month. Let's stay in touch!
    Best, Jennifer

  7. I can see that you didn't have time. Your timing was off? Nice to hear from you anyway. It's about time!

  8. @Jennifer: Great to meet you, too. I'm looking forward to your book!

    @Jacob: Dumb joke, but I couldn't resist.

  9. Wow, it is like attempting to read a foreign language; I am completly clueless, not that it is a surprise. Now when you wrote, "I three bet him in position and later floated him," now that is crystal clear. I wonder if there is a bridge to poker translator?