Sunday, November 6, 2011

Event No. 1 is in the books

Above: The Horseshoe Casino (Tunica) is the venue for the Magnolia State Poker Classic.

I finished 10th in Event #1 of the Magnolia State Poker Classic. Tenth out of 308 runners (some of whom were re-entrants) sounds good, but it was a let down.

Early on I called a raise with A-K. The flop was 8-high. How was I to know the villain had raised with A-8? Another 8 came on the turn and he moved all in. Boo on donk villains. I did manage to check top pair twice and let the same guy bet 60,000 into me on a bluff, so I got some of it back.

My bust-out hand was an ace that ran into a bigger ace. The blinds were 16,000/8000/3000 and a regular raise would have pot-committed me (I had around 125,000 chips), so I shoved. He thought forever and finally called.

Photo taken today with my P&S.


  1. Congrats, MOJO. At some point you might be as impressed as the rest of us.

  2. Well done Mojo, I know I'm impressed.

  3. Congratulations. I hope there was a good payout for 10th place, but even if there was not, it was a diversion and entertainment.

  4. I intended to watch but when I turned on ESPN you weren't there. Oh, sorry you said out 10th and there were only 9 when I tuned in.

    Too bad. From what I saw, you're the better player. Excuse me, BRB. It went out and I need to relight. No need to ask what I am smoking.

  5. Word verification: fixed. Hand to God. And the only way to explain why you didn't take it down.

  6. How much you score for that?

    Can I say "Stop Playing Ace Rag, you will be happier? Ask Josie!" heh.

    Good job anyways man!

  7. You sound like you really blew it but from the comments it seems you did quite well! So, I offer my congratulations also.

    And I do like the picture! Point-and-shoots are quite capable cameras...I've got 4 of them! :-)