Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keep 'em short

I love going on trips, but I like short trips. I'm heading to Jacksonville FL today to play in a World Poker Tour event held at the bestbet Jacksonville Casino. (Yes, they spell it with a lowercase b.)

Event No. 1 has three Day 1s with reentries. You can choose among Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The final is on Sunday. I plan to play Friday, and if I don't qualify for the final, try it again on Saturday. Because there are three Day 1s, the prize pool will likely be large.

Win, lose or draw, I'm returning home on Monday. Did I mention I prefer short trips?


  1. GLOM! You da short trip Ballah!

    bestbet? Silly geese! It is obvious they ain't PokerStars.

  2. Perhaps the Resinger should have multiple day ones and reentries ;)

  3. The best of luck to you, Mojo.

  4. That is a short trip for you? Geez ...


  5. Thanks to all who left comments.

    @lightning: Maybe I should have said quick instead of short.