Friday, November 9, 2012

A chip and a chair

I've played a lot of poker in the last eight years and what happened Thursday is the most usual thing I've ever seen.

I busted out around 4 p.m, but my friend, Sim, kept advancing. At the final table, chops were suggested, but could not be agreed upon. Yes, that's a little unusual, but that's not what I'm going to write about.

When they got to heads up, Sim and another guy had almost identical stacks. Sim won a big pot when he rivered a straight (both players all in).

The blinds were 16,000/8,000/2,000. The other guy was in the big blind and now had only 14,000 chips. In other words he didn't have enough chips to post his big blind. I'm not sure how many chips Sim had, but it was around 900,000.

The first hand the guy had 9-6 on a K-9-2 flop. Sim had 10-9. Guess who won. The guy won the next one and the next. Sim got him all in again with J-10 and the villain had J-6. Guess who won. No, it was a chop when a pair and two high cards came and both jacks played as a kicker. It went on like that and the guy, after winning a zillion double ups (many of which he was dominated), came back and won.


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Seen on a tee shirt:

"I want a president with a tatoo."


  1. That really is unbelievable! I'm sure he was disappointed, but congrats to Sim on his 2nd place. Was good to see you today! I still need to see that 'Table Psychologist' guy, these rivers are killing me! I have so much to tell him LOL.

  2. I've seen something similar in a cash game once. 10 handed table and the guy ended up in an all in pot where He had his opponent covered by $2 (a big blind). he loses of course and is left with his last two bucks.

    Next hand he is the big blind and all in by default - ends up winning the main pot and is now up to about $12 or so.
    Pushes next hand and gets two callers and is now over $30.
    Two hands later pushes again and is over $60.
    Less than an hour later the guy cashes out with $800 after a few more doubles and then winning AA vs KK all in pre and winning KK vs AA all in pre.
    Guy finally decides enough is enough and cashes out a happy camper.

    Next person that sits in his seat doubles twice within 20 minutes all in preflop AA vs KK and AA vs AK.
    I believe that was the Hot Seat effect, but was still amazing to watch a guy all in for his last $2 and then go on a heater like I have not seen before.

  3. I dealt a single table satellite at the WSOP one year where a gentleman whittled his stack down so that he only had a single green chip left. He then proceeded to not lose a hand. He personally felted all nine of the other players at the table, winning in amazing fashion. Pretty fun to deal!

  4. Some guys have all the luck! I read the other day our MOJO Grill which has moved is doing a booming business. You'll have to visit it sometime! :-)