Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aces get snapped off, what else is new?

Above: The Hollywood Casino Tunica has a small, but nice poker room.

"Win a Trip to Vegas" -- that's what an ad for Hollywood Casino said in Card Player magazine. There's a Hollywood Casino in Tunica, so last night I went there to play and check it out.

Various Hollywood Casinos will hold tournaments, I was told, and send winners to a big $500,000 guaranteed tournament in Las Vegas July 28 to 30, 2013. They're calling it the Hollywood Poker Open. The local Hollywood Casino will send five players. The winners get a free $2500 entry into the Hollywood Poker Open and $1500 in cash for travel expenses. Works for me, so I'll have to keep an ear out for the tournaments which the guy I talked to thought would be in December.

Meanwhile, I played poker. The only game was a $3/6 limit Texas holdem. Why not? I learned how to play live poker playing limit before I got online and switched to sit-and-goes.

Now I remember why not.

Players never raised. Twice a lady had K-K and limped in. The first time I had 10-9 in the big blind and got a free play. The flop was A-9-3 and it was checked around. The turn card was a 10, so now I had two pair and bet $6. The lady with K-K was the only caller. The river was a second ace, giving her two pair, but a bigger two pair. I checked and she checked and won a small pot. Crazy game.

On another deal, I limped with everyone else with 2-2. The flop was J-6-2, bingo. I bet and got three callers. The turn was an ace and I bet again. One guy stuck around. The river was a 3, so the final board was: A-J-6-3-2. I bet, was raised and called. The villain had 5-4 and had stuck around to hit his gut-shot straight draw.

The worst hand was also the best. I had A-A and raised pre-flop. I raised on the flop, on the turn and on the river. One guy stuck around and had played two low cards to turn two pair. Aces go up in flames again, but the casino had a special: Get aces cracked, win a rack. A rack of white chips is $100, and that ended up being my profit for the night.

Remember I asked why not? Low-stakes limit poker is pretty hit or miss, but I do like the aces cracked special. Worked for me.


  1. Limit Hold'em -- every flop should be 666. It is the devil's game. :)

  2. Face palm... Why 3/6!?!??!? It's like watching paint dry...


  4. Oh no -- MOJO will now turn into one of those nitty guys waiting for his Aces to get cracked?

  5. "Now I remember why not." Hahaha! Such a shame Hollywood can't get more action going, they did a great job on the poker room remodel. It's a really nice room. The only complaint ppl have is that it's so close to the stage. When a band is playing, it's too loud. I don't play there often, usually just blowing off steam after a tournament because yea, that 3/6 game is, tho. :)

  6. Well, I'm glad that you made a profit. I play golf all the time and it just costs me money and time and oh, yeah, blood pressure pills!

  7. Ugh limit always a bad beat, at least you ended up profiting after all of that!