Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's nice to get some rungoot

I've been running meh on Bovada -- lots of min-cashes or near-misses. When I logged on this morning, two bridge players from Raleigh (Wayne and Lance) were there, and we all agreed to play the $3.30 rebuy and add-on at 11:30 CDT. For $3, donkeys players get T2000. For $3, you can rebuy when your chips are 2000 or less. Most players do that, but we didn't.

The three of us waited until the first break, then entered and did the add-on for a total investment of $6.30. The add-on gives you T10,000, so why do the rebuy? In fact, why even enter before the break unless you intend to play tight as a clam.

One of my buddies did the Annette Obrestad thing: he covered his hole cards and played position and stack sizes. He lasted a couple of hours, but finally busted out. The other guy went deep, but went card dead, then was eliminated when his 10-10 lost to A-Q. You gotta win the flips as a certain blogger says.

At the final table, I was dealt a series of good hands. When we were down to three, I had slightly more chips (1,037,000) than the other two combined. On the last hand, the short-stack shoved for 411K, and the other guy with 505K called. I had A Q and also shoved, making the second guy put the rest in. The first guy had two rags (10 8), the second guy had 7 7. An ace on the flop pretty much sealed the deal. It's nice to run goot.


  1. Congrats, Mojo! Are you playing the WPO this weekend? I'm playing day 1A Friday and maybe the Ladies on Saturday.

  2. @lightning: thanks.

    @Jusdealem: I think I'm going to play Friday. GL to you! I might also play Monday in the Seniors event.

  3. Wow! Two 1st place finishes on large field MTTs. Sweet run! Congrats!

  4. Mojo- any chance you could give a run down of how you handle playing against anonymous players? In other words, how does your game change? How can you tell one player to the next? How are you focused so closely to see when a player gets moved, etc?

  5. @PokerMeister: Because players are anonymous, there's no way to get a read on most of them unless you've played at their table for a long time. Even then, you can get ideas, but still be wrong. It's a little like flying a plane without radar or something, lol.