Thursday, May 1, 2014

What if nobody showed up?

The tournament today at the Southern Poker Challenge had only 38 runners. I'm not sure why there weren't more -- maybe players from the first weekend went home and more are coming in for the weekend and will get there tomorrow.

The buyin was $240 for 10K in chips. Five were to get paid, but when we were seven-handed, a player suggested a chop. The guy who was first in chips got $1300, second place got $1000, four of us got $918 and the short stack got $400.

I can't really remember any significant hands. Mostly, I just plodded along and stayed out of trouble

There is a reentry tournament that begins tomorrow with a $710 buyin. Players can enter at noon or at 6 p.m. both Friday and again on Saturday. Those who advance will play Sunday down to nine players. The final table will come back Monday.

Photo taken with my phone.

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